Tips how to write a course project for the night

Tip 1. Stop panic and pull yourself together!

Tip  2. In any case, the main thing is the plan.

Making a plan is already half the battle. Here it is worth bearing in mind that, as a rule, 2-3 chapters are written in the main part, don’t forget the introduction and conclusion, the list of literature and content. As for the main part, one chapter usually contains theoretical information, and the second – practical.

Tip  3. Collect information.

At this stage, it will be lucky to those who are allowed to choose course topics by yourself. In this case, you can go “the opposite way”: from searching for information to formulating the topic. If the topic is specifically given to you, then we try to sift the Internet as much as possible to search for information on your course

Tip  4. Practical part.

At this stage it will be especially difficult for students of technical universities. But advice to you from a person who has written course papers on the last night: plagiarism is your salvation. We search in the network for maximum such calculations or drawings. In our time, computer technology does not have to pore at night over the glass and table lamp, copying the engineering drawing from a neighbor in the hostel: corrected the appropriate “source” in the graphics editor – ready.

Tip 5. Introduction and conclusion.

Strangely enough, we write an introduction at the end, because we will start from what we have. We must clearly understand that the introduction formulates the main objectives of the course, and concludes with summaries and answers to the questions stated in the introduction. Treat these sections with the utmost care, since the teachers, just like you, are far from workaholics and reread all the coursework, many of them do not even think. Review the introduction, conclusion.

Tip 6. Final.

About how to register the work, you will be told the requirements in the methodologies of your universities, and the basics of working with MS Word and the printer you probably know. Break a leg!