How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay

The main task of a comparative essay is to describe two completely different or similar objects that have several common and distinctive features.

The purpose of this work is to identify the main features of comparable objects, new information about them, advantages and disadvantages and the formulation of certain recommendations or abstracts.

Choosing a theme, you can choose two subjects of the same category, but with some differences – here your task will be to search for nuances, search for small benefits (for example, fresh or frozen vegetables)

You can also dwell on two extreme objects like dolphins and elephants (the difference is obvious, however, they both have a phenomenal memory, and so on)

Still, you can choose something quite similar, however, it differs according to certain characteristics (such as a film created  according to the plot of the book or vice versa)

Make sure you have what to say. Or rather, prepare enough information about both objects. Think about how useful your comparison is. Foe example , if you write about books, in which of them the leading idea is more clearly expressed, or which of the books is more edifying?

Identify the main points Prepare the equal number of pros and cons  of each object. Remember that you do not have to convince the reader of superiority one over  another. You must allow him or her to choose himself, providing enough information for thinking and making choice.