Coursework is an indispensable element of the learning process and is performed to check the students ability to apply them in practice. It is clear that the work must be done independently with the available individual style of presentation of info.

Coursework involves consistency in writing:

Title page. It represents the first page of the course, is carried out according to certain rules that exist in the university.

Content. Includes all the elements of the course work with the mandatory insertion of the pages from which the sections begin. Headings of sections and paragraphs should be precisely observed in the table of contents. Abbreviations, carrying words are not allowed.

Introduction. It represents one of the main parts of the course, because it is here that the main goals and tasks of the work are formulated, the object of research and the object is concretized.

The relevance of the topic contains the main evidence and arguments related to determining the practical significance of the problem that is being investigated in the course work.

The wording of the goal and tasks implies the definition of the purpose of the research, in fact, what the work will be devoted to. Given the goal, research tasks are formed. As a rule, one of the items of the course project corresponds to each task.

The object of research is an area within which the analysis is performed.

The subject of the study is usually within the object and the course work is oriented toward it.

The definition of research methodology – usually has a classic definition, which boils down to the claim that a similar method was used by scientists from the field of research. Among the methods most often in the course work are used system analysis, statistical, analytical methods, generalizations, peer reviews, comparisons.

Scientific novelty must necessarily be present in the course work, because this is scientific work, research and presuppose any kind of development.

Often the introduction is used as an introductory speech on the protection of the course work, only it is necessary to add the results of the analysis and practical recommendations.